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Baroque Music in the Americas


Friday, May 10, 2024 | 7:00 P.M.


Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

5601 Main Street, Houston

Admission: $50 general | $15 students (with ID)

The celebrated Bach Society Houston Choir brings alive choral music from the Americas written and performed 300 years ago, during the lifetime of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The rich and varied program includes a motet co-written by Bach and George Philipp Telemann; a work by Bach's uncle Johann Michael Bach; American spirituals, deeply expressive songs born in the depths of the evil of slavery; works in the Sacred Harp tradition from the east coast and Appalachia, some of the earliest written music in North America; and Psalm 147 for double choir by Mexican-born composer Manuel de Sumaya. This powerful work, influenced by Italian and Spanish style, is a rich and expressive example from the Cathedral of Mexico City. The program will also include examples of early American keyboard music, including by Samual Felsted, who was the first American composer to write an oratorio. 

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